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    About Us

            Chibi Yonganji Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has specialized in the production of automobile tensioning pulleys and guide pulleys since the establishment of the company. The company has perfect production equipment and testing equipment, with a complete range. It can meet the requirements of various models. Our products are mainly exported to different customers in Latin America, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and more than 60 other countries with different needs. Products are produced in strict accordance with OEM standards. In the principle of "honesty, innovation, pragmatism and efficiency", the company wholeheartedly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to visit and guide to establish a mutually beneficial cooperative relationship, and work with you to create a brilliant tomorrow.

    Hot Products

    • Time Belt Tensioner Pulley:5094008601


    • Belt Tensioner:31170-RNA-A02


    • Belt Tensioner:31170-RAA-A01


    • Belt Tensioner:31170-R40-A01


    • Belt Tensioner:272 200 00 70

      272 200 00 70

    • Belt Tensioner:16620-75010


    • Belt Tensioner:16620-47030


    • Tension Roller:16620-36012


    • Belt Tensioner:16620-31021


    • Belt Tensioner:16620-31012


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